CH120330_DeathValley_MesquiteSpringsSunrise_13 as Smart Object-1Mesquite Springs Sunrise, Death Valley Learn Photography Skills

A big part of making successful images is knowing how to process them for print or display.  I am deeply indebted to the many individuals and software producers that post free and paid tutorials on the web to share their knowledge and skill.  Making good images requires a certain level of mastery of tools like Lightroom, Photoshop, and the Nik collection of photo tools.

Listed below are some of my favorite learning sites.  I enjoy exploring them and trying out the ideas they demonstrate.  It's not always easy to apply what they demonstrate, but every time I watch one of them, I learn something new, and bit by bit, my skills improve.  I especially enjoy watching other people work on images to see their workflow.

Charlie's Favorite Learning Photography Links
Link Description
PictureCorrectPhotography Lots of quick and useful videos and tips for improving your photos.  Subscribe to their newsletter and get a daily email with five or six interesting tips and links
Phlearn Aaron Nace does a fantastic job of demonstrating how to use Photoshop to bring out the best in your pictures.  Tons of free tutorials
ShutterEvolve A series of very interesting Photoshop tutorials by Jimmy McEntyre.  They'll inspire you to try new things.
B&H Videos B&H puts on a series of hour-long lectures by sometimes famous photographers, and they make many of them available for the viewing.  There are lots of "how-to" videos here, but also many that get at the heart and art of photography
AdoramaTV Similar to B&H, Adorama has a whole series of short videos on a number of useful topics
Creative Cloud Tutorials Lots of detailed "how-to" videos on Adobe products.
LightStalking Many useful short videos and printed tutorials
StuckInCustoms Interesting and offbeat videos from Trey Ratcliff
NikCollection by DxO For a short while, Nik tools used to be free, but now they're owned by DxO and you have to pay for them.  I highly recommend them as add-ins for Lightroom and Photoshop.
DigitalPhotographySchool 25 tips for shooting landscapes
PostProcessingMastery Series of reasonably-priced tutorials on how to do luminosity masking in Photoshop.  Steve Arnold walks you through the steps at a reasonable pace and shows how to make dramatic changes to images using layer masking.  Well worth the price.
Best Free Photo Editors While Photoshop and Lightroom are the standout favorites for photographers, there are a number of free tools offering various levels of complexity and capability.  These include GIMP,, Photoshop Express, Photoscape X, Pixlr, Photo Pea, and a few others.  Check them out in this review.
FotoTripper Gavin Hardcastle has a number of really great tutorial videos on composition, Photoshop, and field work that are well worth checking out.  He also does a regular video episode mixed with humor (sometimes a little off-color) and great field instruction

Landscape Photographers to Follow (A Very Short List--There Are Many, Many More)

Sean Bagshaw

David Swindler

Kevin McNeal

Sapna Reddy

Nick Page

Joshua Cripps

Sara Marino

Erin Babnik

Mark Denney

Jerry Dodrill



These photographers go beyond making amazing photographs.  They have an approach which is inspiring to me and helps me think about my own work.

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